Sunday, March 16, 2008

Centerpiece gardens

I recently celebrated my daughters 5th birthday! Our wonderful neighbor catered the party so I was able to focus on the decorations. I wanted to create some beautiful gardens in miniature. By combining flowers for my daughter mixed in with more unusual plants like black mondo grass, and oxalis spiralis aurea I created some very nice pieces. Not pictured were many ceramic Easter eggs, bunnies and chicks to go along with the Easter theme (I want to stay focused on the plants for my blog).


Russ Curtis @ IBRRC said...

Wow centerpieces!!

Julie said...

Very beautiful the one with the sempervivum.

Anonymous said...

Gave one to my Mom last year and everyone comments on how beautiful it is. Mark also chose plants that fit the climate she lives in, are easily maintained and are beautiful. much better then just a bouquet of flowers that wilt and die!

Thanks Mark!