Saturday, March 22, 2008

Plant Pick for March: Aeonium arvoreum "Schwartzkopf'

I have been grooving on aeoniums since the early 90's and have really fallen for this "black" pigmented form.

This species originated in the Canary Islands which has comparable micro climates to San Francisco.

The deepest darkest colors of A. 'Schwartzkopf' are achieved with full sunlight; shade this plant and it will become green tinged.In winter the centers of the rosettes lose their black pigment turning green, they darken again in spring.

After two years some of my plantings are 4ft tall and finally blooming. The yellow flower spike on the black foliage is really beautiful.

Great for height and structure in a succulent garden.


Julie said...

Hi. I have something that was labelled a Bronze Tea Cup, a hybrid looks just like this...I guess it is a close relative. My center was much greener when I bought it a few months ago, and it has darkened can see pics of it at my blog under the label of Bronze Tea Cup. It is in it's original planter size, but I am wondering when I should move it to a bigger pot. It will have to stay under cover here since I am in south Florida and it is too humid and rainy here to plant outside (I think). Your plant looks studendous!!!

Julie said...

Hi Mark...thanks for visiting and for your help. Have you ever visited the Canary Islands? It is one of my dreams to be able to go there one day (as well as South Africa)!